Tradition of Ambition

A rare kind of intellectual ambition unites members of the A.B. Duke Scholarship Program. Their exceptional potential is magnified through friendships, collaborations, interaction with faculty, and the resources provided to them as A.B. Duke Scholars. A.B. Duke Scholars are self-motivated students whose academic and world-changing potential is outstanding. Their minds and voices lend fresh and original perspectives to myriad issues, causes, theories, and performances.

A.B. Duke Scholars excel as students, appearing regularly on the Dean’s List with Distinction and completing honors theses. They are also frequently winners of national and international awards, such as the Rhodes and Marshall Scholarships.

Beyond the classroom, A.B. Duke Scholars exert a significant impact on the university, the surrounding community, and the world in creative ways. They have launched organizations that serve disadvantaged youth, created collaborations with area universities, made breakthrough scientific discoveries, founded and edited student journals, and served in leadership roles.

The support provided through the A.B. Duke Scholarship Program helps convert A.B. Dukes’ curiosity and drive into remarkable achievement.