Hi, My name is Brittany and I come from Sarasota, a small town about an hour south of Tampa and a half hour from the beach.

My biggest passion is science research. Particularly, my interest lies in cancer research and the interdisciplinary approaches that can lead to novel discoveries. Since the seventh grade, I have been enthralled with the concept of artificial intelligence (AI), the fact that computers can be coded to think like the brain to detect patterns far too complex for humans to detect. My early work built programs that learned to play soccer, but currently I am applying the concepts of AI to improve the accuracy while minimizing the invasiveness of breast cancer and leukemia diagnostics. As my research has gained exposure (via winning the Google Science Fair and placing at the Intel Science Talent Search), I have had some amazing opportunities. Examples include meeting President Obama, interning with Google, going to CERN (and returning soon to speak there), speaking to 17, 000 at TEDxWomen, and most importantly, gaining a platform to share my research which has lead to real hospitals beta testing it. Now, I work at a lab on campus called the Murphy lab. We focus on ovarian cancer epigenetic research, and I'm actually going to be applying a derivative of my program to some of the data from lab.

The process of creating this program and exploring the intersection between multiple disciplines has shaped my career goals. I love to learn and enjoy taking a large myriad of subjects in college, but I focus on dual majoring in both computer science and biology. I was part of the Genome FOCUS program this fall, and it was an amazing experience that has caused me to also want to obtain a Genome certificate. I had an 18 person freshman class with a professor who helped come up with the human genome project and is a member of the National Academy of Sciences! Eventually, I want to continue onto an MD-PhD program to become a pediatric oncologist. I have interned with a local pediatric oncologist and have seen the hope he was able to provide, which was an inspiring experience. I also aspire to be on a research team that’s working to find cures for cancers, so I think this path will allow me to follow my true passions.

Outside of science, I'm involved in activities I am passionate about on campus. I play quidditch and IM soccer, am helping organize TEDxDuke, volunteer at a local thrift shop (actually as part of a service learning course on charity– these are a cool unique part of Duke!), and recently joined a selective living group Round Table (another uniquely Duke opportunity that I would be happy to tell you about).

Some random notes about me include the fact that I am obsessed with music (almost all kinds of music from country to rock), a huge Harry Potter fan, and a Big Bang Theory and more specifically Sheldon Cooper enthusiast.

I look forward to meeting everybody soon! I know Duke has been a great experience for me and I can't wait to share that with you. Feel free to email me or Facebook message/friend (although I’m not always the best at checking Facebook) me before hand, as I would love to get in touch.


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