The A.B. Duke Advantage

The A.B. Duke Scholarship Program provides more than a merit-based financial award. It offers support for the intellectually adventurous and curious. In addition to receiving financial awards covering full tuition, room and board, and all mandatory fees, A. B. Duke Scholars are encouraged to develop their own curricula and program-funded research projects.

Like all students offered admission to Duke, A.B. Dukes excel academically, but they distinguish themselves in a variety of other ways. Chief among their unusual attributes is a self-motivated sense of discovery and a commitment to engage and meet the challenges faced by society at large: in the arts as well as sciences, in applied policy as well as theoretical economics, and many other areas.

As A.B. Duke Scholars, students have the chance to leap ahead in their development through direct access to a wider world of knowledge and experience than that available in a standard academic program. Mentoring from faculty, staff, alumni, and fellow scholars is just one piece of the support the Program offers.