Research and Faculty Access

Intellectually curious people seek opportunities to exercise their powers of inquiry. Duke University’s faculty members are committed to giving students the individual attention that nurtures their ideas and pushes them to excel. Learning is a priority and teaching is personal.

At Duke, world-class professors are in the classroom from the first day of students’ freshman year, teaching small classes and seminars. All Duke students can work side by side with such professors to tackle real problems at the frontiers of research and public service. A.B. Duke Scholars, however, receive additional support to help them find faculty mentors whose interests match their own and develop research, arts, and service projects.

A.B. Duke Scholars may apply for the A.B. Duke Research Fellowship (ABDRF), which awards up to $5,000 per scholar to fund research or special projects and associated expenses, including travel. Many A.B. Dukes apply for ABDRF funding in order to spend a summer dedicated to innovative research or service at Duke or beyond. That experiential education often continues through independent studies during the year. Each year several scholars publish or present their findings at national and international conferences.