Intellectual Community

A.B. Duke Scholars contribute to and benefit from being part of a community of ambitious and collegial thinkers. Through personal interactions with Duke professors, visiting scholars, scholarship alumni, and one another, scholars gain early exposure to top faculty, discover opportunities to receive professional mentoring, and secure research positions as early as their freshmen year.

First-year scholars participate in a series of dinner discussions with distinguished academic guests. Past speakers have include the late John Hope Franklin, New York Times columnist David Brooks, behavioral economist Dan Ariely, internationally renown playwright Ariel Dorfman, and Darwin-Wallace Medalist,Mohamed Noor.

A.B. Duke Scholars routinely create other opportunities for discourse with distinguished academicians beyond the first-year seminar, including organizing and presenting a themed speakers series and hosting lunch discussions with guest speakers of the Provost’s Lecture Series.

Another valuable opportunity for intellectual exchange is the scholar community itself. A.B Duke Scholars seek out ways of engaging one another through collaborative academic and service work, regular salons, and campus-wide initiatives such as the pre-orientation program P-Search.