Financial Support

Each A.B. Duke Scholar receives a financial award covering full tuition, room and board, and all mandatory fees for four years (eight semesters).

Duke University has a firm commitment to making education affordable. For A. B. Dukes with additional financial need, Duke University will pay 100 percent of institutionally determined, demonstrated need for U.S. citizens and non-citizens alike. In combination with the A.B. Duke scholarship, this grant provides all A.B. Duke Scholars the opportunity to graduate from Duke without any student loans.

Some A. B. Dukes choose to spend one or two semesters during their college career studying abroad. For approved programs, the A.B. Duke Scholarship will pay educational expenses up to the cost of Duke’s tuition.

The Scholarship also covers all expenses associated with the Oxford Summer Program, including tuition, room, board, program excursions, and an air fare allowance.